Welcome to the family’s highlight of the year, Family Corner!

This year Family Corner is back at Falsterbo Horse Show with the purpose to stimulate and develop children’s compassion for animals and nature. Here everyone is welcome, both the smallest from year 0-3 and older children up to 10 years. 

In the Family Corner you will find things such as a craft workshop, stick horses, exciting animals and jumping castles. Sydskånska Kennel Club, Skanörs Library and Panduro are a few of our partners this year. 

And for those who like stick horses there are a lot of fun things to do; buy a stick horse and decorate it as much as you want, compete with your stick horse or join our stick horse riding school. Of course you are welcome to borrow stick horses from us!

Elin Frost, director of the Family Corner comments on this years edition: 

“This year we will use the best things from earlier years. If you have been to the Family Corner before you will recognize a lot. Family Corner is a place where every child nomether age, animal interest or other needs should feel welcome. Play and curiosity are our priorities.”

The Family Corner area is over three thousand square meters and is open every day during Falsterbo Horse Show, bring your whole family and enjoy yourselfs! 

No entry fee is needed into the Family Corner area, some fees may apply inside the are. Read more about Family Corner here. 

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