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In Falsterbo there is always as much Horse as Show. With almost a thousand horses and riders, fifty different disciplines and over six hundred people working in the Falsterbo Horse Show crew, you soon realize Falsterbo Horse Show is not just an ordinary event. It is a lifestyle, a venue and above all, the week of the summer everyone is waiting for.

Sponsors, exhibitors, riders and audience gathers at one single place, where world class equestrian sport meets summer, sun and holiday.
Can it possibly get better than this?


The area of Falsterbo has hosted equestrian games since 1920. In 1969 the first Swedish Derby was organized in show jumping, which became the beginning of the Equestrian Games at Falsterbo Horse Show. In 1986 Falsterbo Horse Show AB became responsible for the competitions, and ever since, the event has just grown bigger and bigger, with new stands and facilities until it has taken the shape of what it is today, one of the best outdoor show grounds in the world.


Falsterbo Horse Show presented by Longines plays an important role as the biggest horse sports event in Sweden, as well as the largest outdoor sports event in the country. It is a great chance for Swedish horses and riders to compete on an international standard at home. As a nation, we also get the opportunity to invite international riders and horses to us, as we get invited by other nations.

Above all, everyone visiting Falsterbo Horse Show will have the great pleasure to enjoy all the riders, sponsors, exhibitors, and spectators, all under the blue sky, in the warm sun at beautiful Falsterbo.The place where it is always as much Horse as Show.

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