Become A Volunteer


Every year we receive hundreds of applications from girls, boys, women and men who want to be involved and help out during the biggest summer event of the year, Falsterbo Horse Show.

We think this is fantastic. To help during our show can mean many different things. It means responsibility and commitment, patience, knowledge, desire, and a good portion take a hell. For some early mornings, for others late evenings. It means patience, kindness and community, friendship, laughter and party. We know, however, that for most it means a huge opportunity to be involved and work in one of the most respected organizations in which work is permeated by summer, sun, friendship and of course, horses, horses, horses.


Then you are welcome with your application.

Our goal is for everyone to have as much fun and feel Falsterbo Horse Show is as much as a Horse Show, and as everyone says:

The best week of the year.
Here the links below, you can go in if you want to know more about how it is to be a functionary at Falsterbo Horse Show, what you’re working with, what you’re working with and how much fun it is, or if you simply want to sign up as a volunteer!

When you help the officer get a ground strap for the duration of the event, free camping all week, food, the hours you work, and polo, sweater and hat. You choose which days you want to help, but the more days you can, the better chance of being accepted.



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