Interested to exhibit at Falsterbo Horse Show?

Falsterbo Horse Show offers your exhibit space during all competition days 8-16th July 2017, from 25 sqm and up 


The reservation applies to registered and booked FHS exhibitor.

  • 25 sqm sponsor area, only available for sponsors
  • 25 sqm premium 18,000SEK + VAT 300SEK / extra sqm + VAT
  • 25 sqm standard 14,000 SEK + VAT 200SEK / extra sqm + VAT
  • 25 sqm trailer / horse buses 12,500 + VAT 100SEK / extra sqm + VAT

For bookings and rates of exhibit space and tent contact Mårten Larsson
Phone +46 708418404

Tent prices

Our tent supplier One4Event AB are the exclusive tent rental companie at the venue. In order to offer good prices and the highest quality, reserve through FHS Exhibition Manager Mårten Larsson.
Billing is done through Falsterbo Horse Show.

Our tent supplier will contact you after booking site and tents to provide your peripherals to the tent, so as flooring, lighting, carpet, windows and furniture etc.

Prices (including assembly and dismantling of tents and ev. flooring)

  • Tent 3x3m 3900SEK + VAT
  • Tent 5x5m 5500SEK + VAT
  • Tent 3x6m 5200SEK + VAT
  • Tent 6×3m 5200 SEK + VAT
  • Tent 6x6m 6700 SEK+ VAT
  • Tent 6x9m 8200 SEK + VAT
  • Tent 6x12m 8700 SEK + VAT
  • Tent 8x6m 7700 SEK + VAT
  • Tent 8×9m 8700SEK + VAT
  • Tent 10x5m 7700SEK + VAT
  • Tent 12x5m 8700SEK + VAT
  • Tents, other 160 SEK / sqm + VAT

Price for wooden floors with aluminum, 110SEK / sqm + VAT

Throughout the event, the tent supplier 1-2 service guys in place that can help 
 with any problems.
Information about emergency tents, you will find in your tent in place in Falsterbo.

For bookings and rates of exhibit space, tents, contact Mårten Larsson or
+46 708418404

NOTE! Booking of tents shall be made at the latest on June 18. For reservations after that date will be 25% on the above prices.

Exhibition area

The exhibition is outdoors

Just like last year, all rental and tent rental is handles by Mårten Larsson at Falsterbo Horse Show.
This means you will receive an invoice from us including both exhibit space and tent rental.


A 25 sqm exhibit space includes 4 pcs entrance bracelets.
NOTE! These are personal. Please email the names in advance to of the persons to be accredited.


The exhibitor bracelets also provides the possibility to park a vehicle on the exhibitor parkinglot which is located in close proximity. Keep in mind that there are limited number places so try to carpool. Caravans and mobile homes are not allowed in the exhibition area and the parking lot next door.

Electricity and wifi

It is possible for exhibitors to join our distribution boxes that are located in the area (max 20m from your stand)
NOTE: bring your own cable up to 20m.
Falsterbo Horse Show has got an electrician in case of emergency/problem:
Tommy Landgren tel +46 706879411
Falsterbo Horse Show also provides a wireless internet for exhibitors.
Falsterbo Horse Show has no staff to cater to handle computer or wifi problems.


Transports to and from the exhibition area takes place before and after, but never during the show.

Driving in the area can only be done between 7:30 to 8:00 every day, and half an hour after the show ends (about 19:00 each day).

Invoices must be paid 14 days before arrival at Falsterbo Horse Show. In case of late payment bring your receipt for payment.

Building/setting up your tent

  • Friday, 1 July from 9:00 to 21:00
  • Saturday 2 July from 8:00 to 9:30 and 17:00 to 21:00
  • Sunday 3 July from 8:00 to 9:30 and 17:00 to 21:00

Delivery of goods

Falsterbo Horse Show has its own goods reception area.
Falsterbo Horse Shows staff will be the ones receiving your goods, and carrying it to your stand.

NOTE! For us to be able to acknowledge your goods, it must be clearly visible with 
 company name and mobile number to the receiver.

The address is:
Falsterbo Horse Show Arena, Godsmottagningen 
, Clemensagervägen, 239 42 Falsterbo


When the exhibition area is closed, the area is guarded by an external security company with dogs.


For accommodation during the week go to: – Eating & Living

Another company in cooporation with Falsterbo Horse Show runs  a campground during race week.
For more information see webpage For reservations: email to

Phone: +46 722-36 40 20