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Exhibition area

The exhibition is outdoors

All bookings and tent rentals are handled by Mårten Larsson at Falsterbo Horse Show.
This means you will receive an invoice from us including both exhibit space and tent rental.


The exhibitor bracelets also provides the possibility to park a vehicle on the exhibitor parkinglot which is located in close proximity. Keep in mind that there are limited number places so try to carpool. Caravans and mobile homes are not allowed in the exhibition area and the parking lot next door.


It is possible for exhibitors to join our distribution boxes that are located in the area (max 20m from your stand)
NOTE: bring your own cable up to 20m.
Falsterbo Horse Show has got an electrician in case of emergency/problem:
Tommy Landgren tel +46 706879411
Falsterbo Horse Show also provides a wireless internet for exhibitors.
Falsterbo Horse Show has no staff to cater to handle computer or wifi problems.

Exhibitor information

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