Ambjergs Delgadino, first horse to qualify for the Fager Bits 7 y/o Championship

Denmark-based Emma Ahlberg became the first this year to qualify her horse Ambjergs Delgadino to the Fager bits 7 y/o Championship 2023. She qualified during the competitions at Tørring Rideklub on April 6th and 7th with a score of 68,750% and 71,667%.
Emma and Ambjergs Delgadino have previously competed in Falsterbo in the Folksam Open for 5 y/o where the couple finished in eighth place.

Emma Ahlberg comments on this year’s expectations:

“I am looking forward to the summer as Falsterbo Horse Show is one of the highlights. Both to ride the horses and also to meet and spend a few lovely days with friends, colleagues and family. Dino also competed in Falsterbo as a 5 y/o. That was a great experience for him and us together as a team. I hope to show a well prepared horse that is ready for the task”.

Fager bits 7 y/o Championship takes place on Thursday 13th July (semifinal) and Saturday 15th July (final) 2023.
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