”Ung Cancer” (Young Cancer) to be Charity Partner for Falsterbo Horse Show 2014

One of this year’s new features is our Charity Partner; Ung Cancer (Young Cancer)

”We are proud to present this collaboration. Young adults are a large part of Sweden’s equestrian community. It’s absolutely fantastic if we can collect money for Ung Cancer to help cancer victims,” says Jana Wannius, President of Falsterbo Horse Show.

During the show, Ung Cancer will have two ”bead stations” where you can either make your own bracelet or buy one to support the Charity. The bracelets, with their bold statement “FUCK CANCER”, have become a symbol for Ung Cancer’s activities.

”Thanks to the bracelets we can give scholarships to our members and work to improve their living situation”, says Julia Mjörnstedt, Secretary General for Ung Cancer.

”We are very grateful to Falsterbo Horse Show and to everyone who supports are cause. We look forward to the event and hope to meet as many people as possible”.

A show jumping obstacle will be shown and sold in favor of Ung Cancer. This is a result of a collaboration between the Equestrian club Compass Sportryttarklubb in Saltsjöbaden, Gullmyra Hinder and Ung Cancer. It costs 22 000 SEK of which 10 000 SEK will go directly to Ung Cancer.

Falsterbo Horse Show has also bought an obstacle that will be used during the week.

For more information, please contact:
Falsterbo Horse Show
Jana Wannius, President
Mail: wannius@falsterbohorseshow.com
Tel: +46 (0)707-838303


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