The Fredricson family talks about the new foundation and how to pass on their knowledge

Ingvar Fredricson has dedicated his entire life to understanding horses. During Wednesday morning he visited Falsterbo Horse Show together with Kajsa von Geijer and his sons, Jens and Peder Fredricson to talk about the new foundation that has been created in his name in order to pass on his knowledge for horses to future generations. 

Photo: Orange Studios for Falsterbo Horse Show

Text by: Ida Lindemann for Falsterbo Horse Show 

It’s Kajsa von Geijer och Annika Berridge that is financing the new book and a new edition of the old book by Ingvar Fredricson, called Flyinge, whose revenues also fund the new foundation. The reason is simple – his knowledge has to be preserved. 

Ingvar is 86 years old and a lot has changed in Sweden during his time. The knowledge of horse keeping must not get lost and that is why this foundation is needed, says Kajsa von Geijer, 

At a press conference at Falsterbo Horse Show Ingvar Fredricson tells us about how he got to know so much about horses. It’s a lot of studying, he says, but ends it with the most important part – the personal interest. 

– It’s about time. There are thousands of young people that are fascinated by equestrian sports in general and show jumping in particular. They want to make a career but it requires that you understand the art of horsemanship, get the right education and know a whole lot about the veterinary practice, Ingvar Fredricson states. 

His son Peder Fredricson describes that a typical conversation during family dinners evolves 98% around horses. 

– I can see that many of the young riders that I compete against today come from rider families, where either the mother or the father has competed. I truly believe that it’s an enormous advantage to take part of that knowledge early on. 

Jens Fredricson agrees. 

– The riding in our family is important and it’s valued very highly, which I think has created the calm and joy around competing.

Ingvar Fredricson argues that the foundation is important for the young riders and the upcoming generations. 

– It’s almost impossible to ride at the highest level and at the same time keep track of the present research. That is what we will be working on in the foundation. To simplify and make it as exciting and as fun as possible so that you will want to learn. 


On the board for this new foundation are Ingvar Fredricson, Kajsa von Geijer, Jens Fredricson, Peder Fredricson, Jana Wannius och Annika Berridge.

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