Storbritannien krossade Sverige i Kaninhoppningen

Today’s Falsterbo bunny jumping, that took place at the big international showjumping arena, was an international quarrel between Great Britain and Sweden. In this class they were assessed by “assessment C” in which any faults gives two penalty seconds. There were two rabbits in each team and it was the total time that counted.

Starting country was Swedish Angelica Augustsson and her “wild card” rabbit Grenens Moryo. When being young, Angelica Augustsson had rabbits, and despite that fact, this was her first start ina bunny jumping competition. The team had an impressive round with the time 10.2 seconds.

Second to start it was Britain’s William Funnell and his team mate “Flamencos Great Champion Golden Jubilee”. This too, was a debut for William Funnell, even though it was hard to believe when they took of in full speed over the fences. The clock stopped at 11.13 seconds.

Third rabbit and “rider” Sveriges Linda Heed have had alot of experience in the field of bunny jumping, and with this under her sleeve, high expectations were set. But her rabbit Amores Grand Champion Perspicious wasn’t really “on the aids” and clearly would rather be a part of the audience than in the ring. After some discussions they finally finished on 41 seconds.

The last rabbit and his “rider” Robert Smith had therefor no pressure, and sunday-strolled themselves to the finish line. The rabbit Rappedalens Pistagenöt and Robert showed great technique and talent, and it is without exaggerating we can say; They both have a golden future together!

Congratulations Grat Britain!

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