Premiere of para dressage at Falsterbo Horse Show

Finally! This year it was premiere of para dressage at Falsterbo Horse Show.

Para dressage or dressage for riders with disabilities is a form of competition that is competed on various levels. In Level 1, the rider can choose either walk or walk and trot. In level 2, the major part of the program is done in walk but the parts of the program that is in trot are a little bit longer and more challenging. In Level 3 the program contains both walk, trot and canter and the program represents a standard of LC (L-Dressage). In Level 4 all gaits are ridden and it also includes movements such as shoulder in, travere and counter canter.

Liselotte Sharff Rose Hart, Denmark, with Priors Lady Rawage was a clear winner in this premiere; she rode a Level 1 program and received 70.500 percent.
Number two was Simon Åhlstad, Solna FK, with Piquet rode Level 3 and got 69,000%.

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