Patrik Kittel and Scandic won again!

In today Exquis FEI Grand Prix Kür yesterday’s winner Isabell Werth with El Santo NRW, had to stand back for Sweden’s Patrik Kittel and his chestnut stallion Watermill Scandic HBC.

Patrik Kittel rode to his brand new freestyle music by Billy Idol. Patrik reveals that he had thought for a long thought to use Billy Idol music, since it makes to pump up the volume. And if it makes him doing this, Imagine what it does to others. Today it was clearly noticable what it did; it gave him the victory to the fantastic points of  79.100 percent. Still, Patrick said that there a few steps to go before Scandic really hits the Olympic form.

Isabell Werth, finished at 78.825 percent. Isabell explained afterwards that she lost focus at the end of the program. She made a comparison with what often happens to show jumpers – “They tend to relax when they think it is the end of their round, and this is what happened to me”.

On a third place and 73,000 procent, was Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfvén with her old star Favourit.

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