“Falsterbo Finest” won the prestigious soccer game against “The Riders”

Due to tradition, the annual soccer game took place as always; on Saturday night with a loud audience and packed VIP stands. The bets were set and expecttions high; Two teams, both making everything to win. After a fast and challenging game, it soon stood clear; it was the night of “Falsterbo Finest”. With 4-2 and with players as soccer champion Henke Larsson and Dedde Wannius, they were scoring gold in 2012’s annual game.

Falsterbo Finest
Bengt Andersson
Dedde Wannius
Patrik Andersson
Roger Andersson
Henrik Larsson
Annika Fiore
Niklas Skoog
Rutger Hagstad
Henrik Johnsson
Jussi Riihijärvi
Niklas Sundström

Daniel Zetterman
Henrik Ekwall
Anton Jönsjö
Kim Bladh
Jimmy Björk
Pontus Westergren
Jacob Ling Vannerus
Tony Jonsson
David Will
Paul Hoffman
Viggo Björklund
Oscar Nelson Danevad
David Thulin
Ebbe Hellsing
Marcus Skytt

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