Falsterbo Collection 2013 – presented in association with Gina Tricot

In conjunction with this year’s Falsterbo Horse Show competition, Gina Tricot has created another exclusive collection that combines classic elegance with functionality.  

The collection will only be sold online and in our Falsterbo Horse Shop during the show, which runs from 6 to 14 July. The collection comprises original, on-trend garments for both men and women.

“I think our collaboration with Gina Tricot is incredibly exciting and inspiring. Last year’s collection was extremely good, but this year it has reached new heights. It is especially exciting to see how the collection has grown. In addition to polo shirts and hooded jackets, this year’s collection also includes a fetching scarf, gilets and socks, but my absolute favourite item for 2013 is the thin down jacket,” says Elisabeth von Schrowe, Event Director for Falsterbo Horse Show.

“Also this year our 600 stewards will be provided with outfits specially designed by Gina Tricot that are not available to buy,” continues Elisabeth. “It is always enjoyable to see clothes from our range worn throughout the year.”

For anyone who does not want to wait until Falsterbo Horse Show opens to buy items from the collection, it will be available from 5 June from Gina Tricot’s online store: http://www.ginatricot.com/cse/kollektion/falsterbo-collection/ccollection-cfalsterbo-p1.html


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