Volkswagen joins Falsterbo Horse Show

The agreement appointing Volkswagen as the official car sponsor for Falsterbo Horse Show is ready.

– “Volkswagen has a tradition of sponsoring equestrian sport and here at Volkswagen Syd we are delighted and proud to be partnering Falsterbo Horse Show. We are really looking forward to this summer’s event,” says Slavo Veljkovic, Regional Director at Volkswagen Syd.

– “We are thrilled by Volkswagen’s decision to become the official car sponsor at Falbm sterbo,” says Event Director Elisabeth von Schrowe. “I am convinced that this partnership will benefit both parties.”

As part of the agreement Volkswagen will also lend its name to the very popular show class ‘Ride & Drive’ that attracts a large crowd on our final day, which this year is Sunday 10 July. ‘Ride & Drive’ is a class where horsepower meets horsepower.

This year’s Falsterbo Horse Show takes place from 2 to 10 July.

Volkswagen bild

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