Sweden won the first round in Nations Cup ™ dressage

Friday was a great day for everyone who likes nation competitions, with the Nations Cup ™ in both dressage and jumping. First out was the Nations Cup for the dressage, where six countries entered with really great teams who were riding the same programme, FEI Grand Prix.

Before the finale round, where the teams fourth rider was supposed to determine the result, Tinne Vilhelmson Silvén with Don Aurelio was in the lead before Katja Gevers from the Netherlands and Emilie Nyreröd with Miata on a third place. Sweden was the last team out which gave Patrik Kittel and his horse Deja the ultimate ruling, especially when Patrick van der Meer from the Netherlands squeezed himself into the second place right before. There were, however, no doubts wether Sweden would be the winner when you saw Patrik Kittel triumph after his programme.

Sweden even ended up with a reassuring margin down to the Netherlands in second place and Germany on third.

Individually Tinne Villhelmson Silvén was the best, Patrik Kittel in a second place and Emilie Nyreröd on a fine fifth place. In the Swedish team we also had Minna Telde with Santana.

On saturday and sunday, round 2 will be held.

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