Qualification trials for Falsterbo Scandinavian Open across Scandinavia

Falsterbo Horse Show is breaking new ground and organising qualification trials in Denmark and Norway for the Folksam Scandinavian Open Dressage event.

Danish trials for the Folksam Scandinavian Open will take place at Midtsjällands Rideklub from 31 May to 2 June, and at Aalborgs Sportsrideklub on 15 June.

The Norwegian trials will take place in cooperation with JJ Horses and Stall K at competitions in [insert place name] on 15-16 June.

“We are extremely pleased to have found partners in Denmark and Norway. This gives Folksam Scandinavian Open Dressage a huge sporting boost,” says Johan Lenz, Show Director for Dressage at Falsterbo Horse Show.

Finnish riders should continue to contact the Equestrian Federation of Finland.

The semifinals of Folksam Scandinavian Open Dressage will take place on 9 and 10 July in Falsterbo.

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