Great drive is to spur the growth of dressage in Falsterbo

In a three year dressage plan, Falsterbo Horse Show launches a great drive to establish the competition as an international major competition of the same calibre as the show jumping. Axel Johnson Group is a sponsor for the Nations Cup in the second year running.

“Interest for dressage continues to grow in Sweden as well as abroad and I want to contribute to creating a world class event for dressage enthusiasts”, says Antonia Ax:son Johnson, chairman of the board of Axel Johnson.

Falsterbo Horse Show has for decades been an established major show jumping competition and has no problems attracting superstars from all over the world. It is now making a massive investment in dressage over the three coming years in order to establish itself as a world class outdoor event that will attract the international top names to Falsterbo.

“We have run dressage and show jumping in parallel over many years and I think it is of great advantage to the sport. There is great interest in both events and we have a big audience that has travelled far to come here and we can offer something for everyone”, says Jan-Olof Wannius, show director of Falsterbo Horse Show.

He continues:

“We started a dressage drive last year and we now have a three year plan in which we are investing a total of SEK 4 million in the dressage arena. There will be new meeting premises, a new grandstand, better surfaces and improvements for the riders. The aim is for the dressage to have an as prominent place as the show jumping in Falsterbo and we are delighted that Axel Johnson Group are backing us in these efforts.

Swedish dressage has had an explosive development in the last few years with a steady regrowth of horses and riders in the Grand Prix, which are also maintaining international standard.

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