FEI Nations Cup, New name and format, but still in Falsterbo

The new concept for the Nations Cup was decided yesterday when the FEIs borad on the annual FEI meeting in Istanbul.
The new rules starts Jan 1st, 2013 and the new name for a 4-year period will be; Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™.

The new rules means that the Nations Cup will be done in two divisions, and the teams from both divisions will meet in a final in the end of September.

The best 8 teams from 2012 year’s season will ride in division 1.
To ride division 2, the rest of the teams will qualify, division 2 will moreover run in various nations.
In Europe, six team from Division 1 and three teams from Division 2 will go to the finals in the end of September.

Sweden competes in division 2 next year, and Falsterbo Horse Show will still be one of the eight host venues.
In Falsterbo, Sweden will, just like previous years, start with one team i the competition.

The complete rules for the Nations Cup will be presented on the FEI:s website.

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