Fjärås Hoppryttare was responsible for this year’s last qualifier for the Maya Delorez Children’s Challenge during the Gothenburg Summer Tour. With that, we can proudly present this year’s final crew.

Children’s Challenge is open to riders born 2007-2009.

The final is ridden in two rounds during the Falsterbo Horse Show. Round 1 takes place on 16th of July, assessment A, with assessment of the rider and horse as part of the final score. Round 2 takes place on 17th of July, assessment A: 1a, at the International Jumping Arena.

Congratulations to all talented Children riders and a warm welcome to Falsterbo Horse Show Sport Edition!

Linnea Åberg-Cronin Hard To Beat G Fjälkestad
Betty Nilsson Carina Fjälkestad
Lilly Smith High Pea Fjälkestad
Linn Arvidsson Carncection Värnamo
Alma Blommesköld Cadorna de Klaseta Värnamo
Tuva Lindell Rob Roy Värnamo
Alicia Svensson Calido 76 Norrköping
Nelly Lindgren Catosca II Z Norrköping
Nora Andersson Nilia VD Bisschop eller California Norrköping
(Carl-Hugo Westergren) (Call Girl 5) valt annan häst (Hammarö)
Valentina Jarl Jive Hammarö
Engla Estevez Winston Hammarö
Disa Hammarstedt Bambou Ideal Home Hammarö
Ida Brunåker Carl 47 Runsten
Filippa Fant El Nino Fly (SWB) Runsten
Stella Holm Darwin Runsten
Millie Johansson Belladonna V Fjärås
Tess Ingelsten Hltacji van LM Fjärås
Carl-Hugo Westergren Carmelita Fjärås


He has tried over and over again and finally he won Falstero Grand Prix.

– I was lucky today, secondplaced Emilio Bicocchi was really close, said Peder Fredricson.


– It was so much fun riding the Derby, said Peder Fredricson after the victory.

The last time a swede won was 2006. Peder sat on a fairly new horse.

-I just had him a couple of month but I really like him a lot. Not it’s up to the owner to decide about his future, said Peder Fredricson.


Longines Falstervo Grand Prix was the third victory for irish Billy Twomey in Falsterbo Horse Show 2018.

-So far I had an amazing week, said irish Twomey.

Three swedish riders were placed just after Twomey; 25-year old Irma Karlsson, Peder Fredricson and Malin Baryard Johnsson.

-The swedish riders are always dangerous, said Billy after the victory.


-I tried so many times to win Falsterbo Grand Prix and finally I made it, says top rider Steve Guerdat after winning Longines Falsterbo Grand Prix.

Swedish Peder Fredricson were really close but lost the game when All In almost jumped him out of the saddle in the jump off.
– I really wanted to win this class but it was just not my day yet, says Peder.



Ireland won the Falsterbo Derby presented by Gigaprint through Bertram Allen, he was followed by Shane Sweetnam and Cian O’Connor.



A strong team where each and every rider could be considered the team anchor. That’s how Malin Baryard Johnsson describes the Swedish team for the FEI Nations Cup™ at Falsterbo Horse Show.

Malin’s greatest memories from Falsterbo Horse Show are the two times she rode in the winning team for Sweden during the FEI Nations Cup™.
– It is more fun to win as a team, there is so much more happiness. Sweden has a magic audience and Falsterbo is the only team competition that we have at home, says Malin Baryard Johnsson.

This year, Sweden has some great riders and horses with lots of experience from international competitions like the FEI Nations Cup™.

To Falsterbo Horse Show, Malin is coming with her two horses H&M CueChanna and H&M Second Chance. For H&M Second Chance, Malin warns the other riders:
– watch out for H&M Second Chance , she’s a superstar!

malin baryard

Friday 8 July is Nations Cup day in Falsterbo. Buy your tickets on


FHS April add_ Horse international-page-001

Picture: Meridith Michaels-Beerbaum & Fibonacci 17

The Brazilian international course designer Guilherme Jorge, who will be designing all the Showjumping courses at the Rio Olympics in 2016, has confirmed that he will also design the courses at Falsterbo Horse Show next year

– I am very excited about the possibility of designing the courses at such a prestigious event as CSIO 5* Falsterbo. It is for sure one of the most traditional international shows on the circuit and I am looking forward to it, says Guilherme Jorge.

– We are thrilled to have Guilherme ”Gui” Jorge here in Falsterbo just one month before the Olympics in Rio. He is a fantastic course designer and this will be extremely interesting both for riders and the audience says Jana Wannius, chairman of Falsterbo Horse Show,

Swedish Showjumping chef d’équipe, Sylve Söderstrand: – It’s fantastic that Jana Wannius has convinced him to come, so close to the Olympic Games. It is a great privelage for the Swedish team, on their home turf, to discover some of the challenges that Gui Jorge sets for riders and horses.

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