Right now- 10 Holsteiner foals to find new homes in first ever Holsteiner auktion at Falsterbo Horse Show.

In 10 minutes the Holsteiner Foal Auction will start at Falsterbo Horse Show’s Dressage arena.

We catch up with Executive director and head of marketing, Roland Metz as he exits the jumping arena after todays showing of the foals to take the temperature:

Let us know, how did it go out there? 

”The presentation was really nice, the foals were really brave and presented really good in trot but also si ans oemtimes also in canter. And people have shown a lot of interest here today.”

What are your expectations for tonight? 
”It is hard to say, we have ten excellent foals.We also have a really good atmosphere here at Falsterbo Horse SHow today and as soon as the showing ended, people started to come to me for questions about the foals and how it will work work tonight. So, yes,  I have a very good feeling for tonight. ”

What would a successful auktion look like?
”When all foals have been sold, they find good homes, with very happy owners. Hopefully some of the foals will stay here in Scandinavia.”

The auction itself will be live streamed via the media portal, www.equisport.tv. Bids can be placed as usual, on www.holsteiner.auction supported by ClipMyHorse.TV.


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