Exclusive FHS Magazine, only for you

FHS Magazine is more than just a magazine. It’s more than a show program.
It is Falsterbo Horse Show, but in another body. In fact, in a very exclusive paper body.

In the FHS Magazine, that is given out for free to our + 70.000 visitors, one can ready about anything about the show. Eveerything from nehind the scenes stories about the riders, to what is happening day-by-day at the show, one can get to know the people who works at the show, the stories behind the food served… you name it. Everything.


Edition: 12.000 ex/year
Paper: FHS Magaizne, app 150 pages coated 130 gram
Paper: FHS Prohgram, app 150 pages uncoated 130 gram
Printhouse: JMS
Repro: Repro 2000
Publisher: Jana Wannius/Falsterbo Horse Show
Produced by: Sara Silfverberg/Lovetown Castle
+46 701-427500