Falsterbo Horse Show, as much Horse as Show…

And we mean it.

For what about the greatest mixture of world-class agility, a soccer game with stars from the world elite show jumping scene, the sharpest riders of Sweden showing off their skills at a speed you wouldn’t believe is true at the mounted games, precision and perfection from some of the world’s most appreciated classical dressage masters telling about the airs above the ground, the piaffe and passage and about their philosophy, absolutely competition between the cruelest rabbits of Sweden, extra gates and tremendous power from the icy Icelander and of course numerous of clinics, interviews and all the possible and impossible numbers you can imagine… and that’s just a a little. We promise, it will again be, as always, as much Horse as Show on Falsterbo Horse Show this year!

Show numbers at this year’s Horse show

The schedule of 2011 will be as it is always: As much Horse as Show!